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Production done by small scale growers/farmers. Planting, taking care of the plantsProduction done by small scale growers/farmers. Planting, taking care of the plantsand harvesting is done by hand. Great for the environment.Production on smaller farms means less reliance on chemicals. Very environmentallyfriendly as bees thrive in this environment.

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Utana Pure kenyan Black tea. Single serve tea bags, 100 tea bags.



The cool climate and rich soils of  the Kenyan highlands produce some of the highest quality tea in the world. Long used for making blends we bring you the original tea crafted with single source pure black tea. Using young buds, this produces a relaxing brew packed with flavour and health benefits of tea. Use with a dash of milk or a refreshing iced tea.
The two young and tender leaves in which the juicy bud nestles, and the bud itself are harvested to make this tea. Strong flavour and aroma are hallmarks of this relaxing tea.

And when you make this great tasting tea…
1 You are drinking tea from a region that produces some of the best teas in the world.
2. You are supporting, – directly, – the small growers and community farms in the lush, beautiful regions where tea grows.

We take “Promote Local Business” very seriously and literally.
Utana Coffee is all about bringing premium coffee to your local store – or to a location you can walk or drive to on your way home.

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